London Calling

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Geplaatst maandag 27 maart 2017 in categorie Travel

South Place Hotel
A few weeks ago, we had the urge to get away for a weekend … this urge happens often, but we can’t always act on it, because of our busy schedule. We decided last minute where we wanted to go, so we had to think fast when it came to choosing a hotel. When on a city trip the main criteria for us is “location”, but since we are suckers for a nice design, this is a close second on the list. With the “South Place Hotel” we had the best of both worlds. The design is rather contemporary urban with some inspiring details that mirrors the vibrant melting pot that London is. On the other hand, it’s only a 1-minute walk from the Liverpool Street station that will connect you to every corner of the city and just a 5-minute walk from “Shoreditch” … our absolute favourite neighbourhood in London (check the articles for our trip to London if you want to learn more).

Service with a smile
From the moment you enter the hotel, the staff will make you feel right at home. Your luggage is immediately taking care off and complementary tea (we’re in England after all) is served with a smile. Because we made the trip with b-Europe, we had the whole day ahead of us to discover the city (seriously, why would you not take the train when going to London), but first we had to check out our room off course. She did not disappoint…. The room itself was very spacious with a lot of natural light and the most inviting little sitting area. The manager warned us not to test the bed since we would never want to get back up … he was right. It took me 15 minutes to get Domien back on his feet, but that gave me enough time to discover the rest of the room and its gorgeous marble bathroom.

Happiness is a leisurely Breakfast
When on a trip in one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, you better prepare with a strong and healthy breakfast. The breakfast menu at the South Place hotel shares this feeling and is stacked with healthy power food! Don’t worry they have pancakes too ;-) I opted for the porridge with banana, raisins & London honey … Domien opted for the classic combo of avocado with a poached egg and slices of salmon. Combined with a glass of fresh orange juice and a delicious cup of coffee, we were ready to conquer London!

Afternoon … cocktails
Every city trip has the same pattern, you get up early, attack the part of the city you have set your mind to and by the afternoon your legs start to slowly give out. All the subway hopping and street walking tends to take its toll. Going back to the hotel may seem like a waste of time at that point, but not at the South Place Hotel … enter the Secret Garden. This little city escape is one of the 5 bars in the hotel, but by far the cosiest one. On nice days, people from all over the city come here to enjoy their aperitif or like us, their afternoon cocktail. Cheers!

Michelin-starred restaurant “Angler”
As if all the aforementioned wasn’t reason enough to give this hotel a try, they have one of the best seafood oriented restaurants in London on their top floor! Because the place is fully booked every night, dining here on such short notice was out of the question, but off course we really wanted pictures of this showpiece! When you want something in life you have to go and get it ... boldly we stepped over to the manager and explained our plan. sometimes enthousiasme really works! Not only did they offer us a tour of the restaurant, we even got to try their speciality dish an hour before opening! The room just oozes refinement and the terrace is so cosy decorated we wished we could stay. The tuna tartare was the best we've ever tried ... don't even need to chew, it'll just melt on your tongue!

Check this out!
We are not a big fan of checking out … first of all it gives you a deadline on waking up, which is just not vacation to us and second, it means your trip is all but over. That’s why we decided to counter all that and have our breakfast send to our room! :-) (complementary service of the hotel) Checking out just got a little more bearable.

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