The cutest resort, Tigerlillys

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Geplaatst vrijdag 24 juli 2015 in categorie Travel

Once you step foot on Lembongan, the first thing you should do is head straight over to Tigerlilly’s (unless you have to make a bathroom stop or you are in desperate need of nutrition) When you arrive you will be greeted by the manager of tigerlilly’s, an Australian woman who has been living on the islands for a couple of years. Be friendly because she’s about tell you every hotspot and hidden gem on Lembongan .. and in fluent English! ☺ (which can be a bit of a problem when trying to communicate with the other Bali locals) Just tell her what you’re looking for and she will “hook you up”. Whether its snorkeling at odd hours or how to get to the illusive “the Deck” … all you have to do is ask.

Besides the priceless info, Tigerlilly’s is just an absolutely gorgeous small boutique hotel. Its located on the main street of Lembongan, so close to all activity, but tucked away in a private oasis of luxury and comfort. Everybody gets their own spacious bungalow with a private front terrace overlooking the tropical interior garden. In the midst of all this green loveliness you will find the cutest little pool right next to the restaurant/bar. Just check out all the beautiful pictures and you’ll see we are not exaggerating ☺

Some people might still not be convinced about this pretty awesome resort, to those weirdos I say: banana pancakes for breakfast … that is all