Sea Circus

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Geplaatst woensdag 8 juli 2015 in categorie Travel

Hi there!!

Don’t worry we’re not going send you to some kind of water circus with jumping fish and talking seals ;) (ok … this is really making my imagination wander) Back to the point, if not an actual sea circus, what is this place?
According to their website sea circus is a really good restaurant, bar & coffee den thingy… which actually describes it perfectly. At first sight it isn’t really clear what the place is “selling”, but the beautiful colorful blinds just scream: “come in and find out”. Just a heads up, once inside the confusion will only get bigger … sea circus doesn’t specialize in just one thing, they want to be good at everything. In the morning you can come in for an epic healthy breakfast and some of the best coffee in Bali. In the afternoon they have a great collection of cocktails (its 5 pm somewhere in the world) and delicious tapas. On selected dates you can even expect pumping parties at this do-it-all-shack. Because of the limited time we had in Bali*, we were only able to experience the breakfast and coffee part of the whole package, but it lived up to all expectations. The home made granola was perfectly roasted and in combination with fresh
fruit and soy milk it made for a wonderful healthy breakfast and if you’re a fan of avocado and eggs, the well named “avo eggs” are to die for. Last but not least I have to mention the incredible eye for detail when it comes to the interior and service …. Friendly/helpful staff, an interior filled with fun details and little attentions like inspirational quotes with your coffee. “you can cut all the flowers but you can not keep spring from coming” – Pablo Neruda

*this will be a recurrent theme throughout our posts on Bali with the sole purpose of warning you not to make the same mistake. 2 weeks is nothing ... nothing I say!


She: Dress by Brandy Melville / Bikini by Beach Gold Bali
He: Shirt by From / Sunglasses by Ray-Ban