Potato Head

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Geplaatst vrijdag 3 juli 2015 in categorie Travel

Potatohead beach club,

People that are looking for the authentic Bali feel, just might want to stay clear of Seminyak ☺ That being said , if you have a good old western weakness (like us) for shops, coffee places, lunch spots … but most importantly beach clubs, Seminyak definitely is the place to be! Our absolute favorite is the potato head beach club, because of the ambiance and because it actually combines all of the above. Now where to begin ... I guess the awesome infinity pool overlooking the ocean is a good start. Around the pool there are several day beds that can be used if you agree to the terms. When we visited the club was pretty clouded and the only beds left were the double “vip” sunbeds in front of the pool, overlooking the ocean. To get them they will give you a fixed price, which you’ll have to consume while using the beds. Used to travelling in the US or Europe we thought the prices were very reasonable. We had to consume for 70 Euros (together) in 5 hours. (with the great selection of food and cocktails: peace of cake ☺) Besides the whole tanning/swimming area you have a big lounging section where you can eat and chill in the shade, if you really have to take a sun break. In the morning everybody is there to enjoy the sun with the occasional “lunchers” but once you get closer to the sunset the club gets busier. Unlike other clubs we went to (like KU DE TA) this doesn’t seem to affect the vibe of the place. (The music that seamlessly guides every faze of the day does help a lot) Sunsets are a complete must in Seminyak and we encourage you to discover it at different sites, just don’t forget to schedule in one night @ the potatohead beach club.
So we’ve had lounging, dining and swimming … to top it all off, downstairs you can find the coolest little shop with brands from Australia, home made Bali projects and brands we’ve never even heard about (always nice). Swimming gear, sunglasses and lifestyle products are the main articles you can find in there. (just make sure to leave some room in your luggage for the flight back ☺ Oh, and if you didn’t bring your favorite swimsuit to Bali, don’t worry, chances are big the ones you’ll find here will outdo yours at home anyway.)

Tip: to be absolutely sure of a daybed, head down to the club at 11 o’clock when they are about to open. Daybeds can not be reserved and are very popular … as you can imagine. For a great spot during sunset it’s best to go around 4 p.m. already and wait a little while sipping your cocktail or fresh coconut.


Wearing: Bikinis by H& & // his shorts by Bjorn Borg