But first ... Let's chill

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Geplaatst maandag 29 juni 2015 in categorie Travel

When we booked our flight to Bali we had no idea on where to go, where to sleep or where eat. The only thing we did know, was that the flight was going to take about 16 (straight up seated) hours and the chances of feeling pretty jetlagged in our new time zone were around 99,9%. So the first thing we decided, was to start our trip in a peaceful private villa with a private pool. This might come across as a tiny bit decadent, cause a stay like this in Europe would probably cost you a fortune. In Bali, like many things, it’s pretty affordable to wake up with a private pool at your toes. The Aria Exclusive villa’s are located in Seminyak, just outside the center, but still nearby loads of nice shops en restaurants. So if you found your Bali legs on day 2 you can still go out and explore. Then again, for people with persistent spaghetti legs, room service was very quick, friendly and cheaper than eating out, just don’t expect culinary masterpieces. The overall service and staff were truly great, they will definitely meet you with a generous Bali welcome. It wasn’t the best breakfast we had in Bali; but everything was present to have a nice continental breakfast (fresh omelets included) Enough with the little side notes, cause we really really liked this place. I mean, have you seen the bathroom?? Even jetlagged body’s have no chance but to unwind in this oasis of tranquility (yeah, I really want you to get how dope it is ☺) The bathtub is humongous, so whoever’s into taking romantic baths together will be more than excited when entering this (inside/outside) bathroom. Anyway, enough text so far, I’ll just let the pictures and silly video do the rest.

Ps: “these are not my regular dance moves” - Domien