A good start is half the work

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Geplaatst maandag 18 mei 2015 in categorie Travel

A few weeks a go we kinda "re-discovered" Rotterdam.
Usually we would just do the busy shopping district and find something in sight to eat.
But being on an anniversary weekend we thought we would try a different approach.
Besides some really cool and hidden shops (on the blog soon) we also found a few really nice places to have our lunch/breakfast. One of them was the very chill "Baker & Moore"

Baker & Moore is situated in the heart of Rotterdam, 5 minute walk from the main shopping area (lijnbaan & co). They offer lunch as well as breakfast, you can get a coffee to-go, have a relaxed lunch with friends or even come and work on your laptop while sipping on a slow juice. In short, all your pre 5 pm cravings or desires will be taken care of. You can order on menu and save yourself the hassle, but the real cool thing about Baker & Moore is the "create it yourself"-concept. Both breakfast and lunch can be completely customized by you! Just take your pick out of a variety of fresh and delicious products to assemble your own sandwich or breakfast plate.

Tip: Upstairs they have facilitated workplaces with extra sockets and high speed FREE wifi at your disposal. So if you didn't have time to save all our hotspots and find the necessary directions, you can still do some last minute iPhone research ;)

Westblaak 147 Rotterdam