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Geplaatst zondag 3 mei 2015 in categorie Travel

I want to share this super fun experience I had in Dubai. I realize that not every reader will be as enthusiastic about it as I was, but for the like-minded: When in Dubai, go horseback riding!! I didnít have any experience with horses what so ever, but the idea of riding a horse in the desert while watching the sun set, sounded pretty good to me. The two friends that joined me for the ride, did have some experience and a very friendly English speaking guide helped me out perfectly . Never the less, I was pretty tense during the first few minutes on the back of this enigmatic animal, but the beauty of the setting we were riding through, made me relax en enjoy this new adventure pretty fast. And so there we were, riding horses all the way to a beautiful lagoon where there were plenty flamingoís flying up and down and reposing in the water while the sun was gently setting Ö I couldnít have imagined a more perfect end of the day.

Of course you could choose to ride the touristic camels in stead, but with the horses you can really explore and create an adventure. It was just us and one guide + I made sure I stayed on my horse. ☺ I even got a quick course in horseback riding, which ended up with me doing my very first gallop at the end of our trip :-o Pretty intense, but such an extraordinary experience!!

So instead of spending another evening at the mall of relaxing on some camelís back, I would really recommend to try this. For the experienced riders itís probably even more fun knowing you can probably go as fast as you want, the guides are super friendly and outgoing, the horses seemed to be in pretty good shape and the stables were well cared for.

After the horse adventure we went for some sublime food and a chicha in a hotel thatís also really worth visiting: The Bab al Shams Desert Resort. Itís situated very close to the stables, and the rooftop is excellent to chill and dine in a marvelous setting.


Horseback Riding:
Al Jiyad Stables
(Best to make a reservation in advance, I think)

Top by Hale Bob / trousers by Zara / sunglasses by Komono / shoes by KEDS