PLAYful ecodesign

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Geplaatst zondag 12 april 2015 in categorie Hotspots

I don’’ have kids yet. (Without the ‘yet’ my mom will go completely bananas ;) Apparently I have come to an age on which you’re supposed to have kids, really want kids, prepare for kids or at least think about having them a lot.) Anyhow, as I was saying, for now no kids and so whenever I visit kid stores for friends of mine I usually don’t get any further than the casual “ooh, now that’s cute!” With Play by Rewind it was different. I visited the store and instantly fell in love with nearly every detail my eyes captured. I suppose people who do have little ones and have the same taste as I have will only feel even more delightful shopping here. The owners (who also have the Rewind shop for grown ups nearby) seem to have found the perfect match between adorable cuteness and gorgeous playful design. The clothes are original and super cool. Play also has it’s own brand called “Mevrouwtje*Meneertje” in which they let children be the designers. Did I mentioned that everything they sell in Play, including the home brand is all ecodesign? I don’t get anything out of writing this btw, I just really enjoy it when Antwerp welcomes a great new Hotspot ☺

Hope you like it as much as I do! Kloosterstraat 87 2000 Antwerpen


Not living in Antwerp: check out the webshop: