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Geplaatst zondag 18 januari 2015 in categorie Hotspots

I almost forgot I always wanted a veiled beanie, until I saw this one in a super nice boutique in Paris, Le Marais. Besides the fact I fulfilled my need for this particular item ;) I’m above all posting this because the shop had plenty of other things that ended up on my wish list. The jewelry collection by designer Sophie Watrelot, had countless pieces I just loved! The collection seemed Indian inspired and was filled with delightful and unique items such as little claws, inspiring symbols, feathers, wings and geometric shapes, all very light and simple…

If you go to Paris, Le Marais is THE neighborhood you need to visit if you’re looking for small but unique shops and restaurants, so while you’re there, you might as well go and take a look in Sowat.


Sowat Atelier Boutique
32 bis rue la Folie Regnault 75001 Paris