Que onda vos

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Geplaatst vrijdag 26 december 2014 in categorie Hotspots

A while ago I visited the pop up store Que Onda Vos, a fairtrade design label founded by Hanne De Wyngaert. I was so pleased to notice how this young fashion designer manages to combine very native fabrics and weave techniques from Guatemala with very desirable and nowadays design. I fell in love with several handbags and even the bohemian-like carpets are still on my mind cause they would look great in my new livingroom ;) I interviewed Hanne for ATV and she told me that she actually lives in Guatemale for six months a year, making sure the production proceeds in the right way etc. She also exlplained to me how both ours and their culture influences each other in a very fulfilling way! Itís only one of the many reasons why I think you should drop by her shop or visit her webshop: