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Geplaatst dinsdag 28 oktober 2014 in categorie Hotspots

Hi there,

Since Iím not exactly an incredible chef , Iím always excited to see new places popping up in the city that make a daily home cooked meal an effortless thing to accomplish. Itís exactly what HNGRY is all about. They inspire you by displaying 10 different dishes to choose from. Once you decided which one youíd like, you just pick the products and cooking guide underneath the picture, pay and go!! I tried one of their menuís and must say we had a LOVELY diner that night, eating something else then those few plates I do know how to make.

So if you need some inspiration for your daily cooking or hate forgetting to buy that one essential product for your meal, this is certainly a place you should try!!

Good luck and bon appťtit!!