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Geplaatst maandag 20 oktober 2014 in categorie Travel

Say Hello to Cotton Beach Club!!

An amazing view, exquisite dishes, cocktails at sunset, a fancy and white interior (incl. rooftop), pleasant live music, a fashion defile during lunch and a sound service... A little summary of what you may expect from this brand new place that just opened it’ doors in Cala Tarida. In general I’m not very fond of all the luxurious beach houses popping up all over the island focusing on the growing number of jetsetters visiting Ibiza every year. But this one was definitely worth the visit and the atmosphere was very easy going, pleasant and not at all snobby. During the day we chilled at there “private” sandy beach beds (they’re not shielded from the rest of the beach, which is btw totally unnecessary to my opinion). Cala Tarida has one of the best sandy beaches of ibiza and on days like we had (a little bit of wind) the most entertaining waves. Fun guaranteed, if you don’t mind the taste of salty water. We had lunch twice at Cotton, once on the main terrace with umbrellas, once at the rooftop, because we didn’t have reservations. The main terrace was a real threat, it had everything you could ask for. I’m not gonna start summarizing again, but the scenery, laidback music and exquisite food made a terrific setting. Our lunch on the rooftop then again, was a little less comfi I have to say. The blistering heat and lack of enough shelter made it a real challenge to still enjoy our meal and not sweating all over your salad ;) I can imagine the rooftop is much more delightful at sunset when Cotton is serving their guest some very nice cocktails. Anyhow, we returned once more to the Cotton Club, to join their movie night, which I would also really like to recommend!! Think big screen, bean bag, comfi cushions, optional blankets, a complimentary bag of pop corn, a good movie and the sound of the sea … everything for an amazing night out.

Off course all this luxury indulgence has its price, but compared to other establishments on Ibiza, I thought they measured up pretty ok. Especially if you take in account that we where there during high season, when the prices always tend to be a little higher.
I really hope they can keep the laidback “everyone’s welcome’-vibe going and that the prices don’t go up
with their popularity. All in all I would definitely recommend this club to anyone who is visiting Ibiza in the near future. Enjoy!


Wearing: Jeans Shorts by Minkpink / bustier top bij H&M

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