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A good start is half the work

Geplaatst maandag 18 mei 2015
A few weeks a go we kinda "re-discovered" Rotterdam. Usually we would just do the busy shopping district and find something in sight to eat. But being on an anniversary weekend we thought we would try a different approach. Besides some really cool and hidden...
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Denham around the corner

Geplaatst zaterdag 16 mei 2015
For the hardcore jeanslover, the arrival of the Denham concept store in Antwerp isn’t hot news. They’ve probably been counting down for months, and with good reason. The brand, founded by the experienced and magical jeanmaker Jason Denham (what’s in a name) brings...
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Que onda vos

Geplaatst vrijdag 26 december 2014
A while ago I visited the pop up store Que Onda Vos, a fairtrade design label founded by Hanne De Wyngaert. I was so pleased to notice how this young fashion designer manages to combine very native fabrics and weave techniques from Guatemala with very desirable and...
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