Archief | mei 2015

A good start is half the work

Geplaatst maandag 18 mei 2015
A few weeks a go we kinda "re-discovered" Rotterdam. Usually we would just do the busy shopping district and find something in sight to eat. But being on an anniversary weekend we thought we would try a different approach. Besides some really cool and hidden...
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Denham around the corner

Geplaatst zaterdag 16 mei 2015
For the hardcore jeanslover, the arrival of the Denham concept store in Antwerp isnít hot news. Theyíve probably been counting down for months, and with good reason. The brand, founded by the experienced and magical jeanmaker Jason Denham (whatís in a name) brings...
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To cool for school

Geplaatst dinsdag 5 mei 2015
In case you didnít notice: swimsuits are back in the game. ;) My swimwear drawer still mostly contains of bikinis, but thereís one that didnít take me a lot of hesitation to buy ☺ Simple quote, black and white, what is not to like, it was love at first sight...
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All the white horses ...

Geplaatst zondag 3 mei 2015
I want to share this super fun experience I had in Dubai. I realize that not every reader will be as enthusiastic about it as I was, but for the like-minded: When in Dubai, go horseback riding!! I didnít have any experience with horses what so ever, but the idea of...
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Palm trees & a summer breeze

Geplaatst vrijdag 1 mei 2015
One of the many advantages of visiting Dubai in april, is that you can test your new summer items way before summer even arrives (when living in Belgium) Hereís one of the likely candidates to make it to my top three summer pieces this year ☺ The print alone...
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