Archief | april 2015

I was in chŲk

Geplaatst dinsdag 28 april 2015
My sweetness is my weakness. The past few months Iíve been trying to avoid eating sugar as much as possible, but damn itís not easy!! I have a sweet tooth, no doubt about it. And for as long as I can remember Iíve always had some serious difficulties turning down any...
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Sixty Two

Geplaatst vrijdag 17 april 2015
So me and my boyfriend just visited Barcelona together and I still owe you some tips when visiting this wonderful city!! ☺ The first thing I would love to share is the hotel we slept in: Sixty Two Hotel. Itís based on the Passeig de Grŗcia, 62, right in the...
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PLAYful ecodesign

Geplaatst zondag 12 april 2015
I doníí have kids yet. (Without the Ďyetí my mom will go completely bananas ;) Apparently I have come to an age on which youíre supposed to have kids, really want kids, prepare for kids or at least think about having them a lot.) Anyhow, as I was saying, for now no...
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