Formentera, mini escape

Geplaatst dinsdag 10 maart 2015
If you go to Ibiza I would suggest to make a trip to Fomentera as well. The boattrip is not that long and the boats depart from Ibiza town. We took a slow boat, at least thatís what we discovered while the fast alternatives were passing us by on the water :) We ought...
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Secret laces

Geplaatst maandag 9 maart 2015
It's a bit tricky when you fall in love with a set of lingerie and you'd like to share it... It's a thin line between still elegant and almost trashy, right? Though I adore this seth by Women's Secret, so here you go... I'm posting lingerie, hopefully in a decent way...
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Geplaatst zondag 18 januari 2015
I almost forgot I always wanted a veiled beanie, until I saw this one in a super nice boutique in Paris, Le Marais. Besides the fact I fulfilled my need for this particular item ;) Iím above all posting this because the shop had plenty of other things that ended up on...
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Follow the white rabbit!

Geplaatst zondag 18 januari 2015
Iíve been to Paris several times now, a few times business related, but must of the time just for fun, becauseÖ wellÖ itís Paris, what is there not to like. From where I live itís a three hours drive and Iím under the Eifel Tour, soÖ Itís kind of tempting to go there....
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Que onda vos

Geplaatst vrijdag 26 december 2014
A while ago I visited the pop up store Que Onda Vos, a fairtrade design label founded by Hanne De Wyngaert. I was so pleased to notice how this young fashion designer manages to combine very native fabrics and weave techniques from Guatemala with very desirable and...
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Adore pastel, can you tell?

Geplaatst zondag 30 november 2014
We've been pretty lucky having all these sunny weekends in a row for the past few weeks, I think. Around this time of the year I'm used to making indoor-plans only, because normally the weather is pretty grey and rainy. Anyhow the beautiful sunny autumn days made me...
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Braids are back

Geplaatst dinsdag 11 november 2014
The braids are back and I love it!! They make it so much easier to do something less ordinary with your daily hair and it doesnít even have to take much time. Plus once youíre getting into it, itís really fun to experience with different kinds of braiding etc. At least...
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Moss Copenhagen

Geplaatst zaterdag 1 november 2014
Nothing more lovely than a sunny weekend, no? I just adore the warm enjoyable autumn weather of the past few days. Good moment to shoot another outfit postÖ I have to say I really love Moss Copenhagen. I got to know the brand on a citytrip to Copenhagen last year....
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Geplaatst dinsdag 28 oktober 2014
Hi there, Since Iím not exactly an incredible chef , Iím always excited to see new places popping up in the city that make a daily home cooked meal an effortless thing to accomplish. Itís exactly what HNGRY is all about. They inspire you by displaying 10 different...
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Nonchalant braid

Geplaatst zondag 26 oktober 2014
Hi hi! Because many of you have been asking me to post some tutorials, I have recorded this mini video about one of my hairposts on instagramÖ It's a very simple one, hope you like it! x-Z-x

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