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Summer bodies are made in the winter ;)

Geplaatst zaterdag 28 november 2015
Vorige week kon ik samen met een groep sympathieke social influenceren een dagje gaan sporten in Brussel. Sport & Health club David Lloyd stond op het programma en die huist in een prachtig gebouw, ofte bijna middeleeuws kasteel dat gelukkig niet in het hartje van de...
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Een pleintje om van te smullen

Geplaatst maandag 14 september 2015
Er zijn gigantisch veel toffe en bekoorlijke eetplekken in Rome. Wij proberen zelf de grote bekendere zaken wat te mijden en op deze blog vooral de kleinere koffiebars, lunchspots en restoís te delen die we vaak toevallig tegenkomen en met veel enthousiasme uittesten....
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Denham around the corner

Geplaatst zaterdag 16 mei 2015
For the hardcore jeanslover, the arrival of the Denham concept store in Antwerp isnít hot news. Theyíve probably been counting down for months, and with good reason. The brand, founded by the experienced and magical jeanmaker Jason Denham (whatís in a name) brings...
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PLAYful ecodesign

Geplaatst zondag 12 april 2015
I doníí have kids yet. (Without the Ďyetí my mom will go completely bananas ;) Apparently I have come to an age on which youíre supposed to have kids, really want kids, prepare for kids or at least think about having them a lot.) Anyhow, as I was saying, for now no...
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Geplaatst zondag 18 januari 2015
I almost forgot I always wanted a veiled beanie, until I saw this one in a super nice boutique in Paris, Le Marais. Besides the fact I fulfilled my need for this particular item ;) Iím above all posting this because the shop had plenty of other things that ended up on...
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Que onda vos

Geplaatst vrijdag 26 december 2014
A while ago I visited the pop up store Que Onda Vos, a fairtrade design label founded by Hanne De Wyngaert. I was so pleased to notice how this young fashion designer manages to combine very native fabrics and weave techniques from Guatemala with very desirable and...
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Geplaatst dinsdag 28 oktober 2014
Hi there, Since Iím not exactly an incredible chef , Iím always excited to see new places popping up in the city that make a daily home cooked meal an effortless thing to accomplish. Itís exactly what HNGRY is all about. They inspire you by displaying 10 different...
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Geplaatst donderdag 16 oktober 2014
Just a few weeks ago a very original grocery store opened itís doors in Antwerp and I would love to advice you to go there. Not only because they sell very honest and lovely products, Robuust is also the first zero waste shop of our city!! Thereís no packaging added to...
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Geplaatst vrijdag 10 oktober 2014
Just a quick post. If youíre spending the day in Antwerp city and youíre looking for a nice lunch spot I would like to recommend LKKR. Itís pretty cosy inside, but most of all their home made pizzaís are absolutely delightful and the waldcorn and ciabatta sandwiches...
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