Not a die hard backpacker, nor a wealthy luxaholic, no fashion guru and not a real design connoisseur... but I do have a real passion for traveling in style and discovering new hotspots around the globe. Sharing all my discoveries is what I like to do, inspiring you to get the most out of life is my goal. Enjoy! (yes, that's an order ;))

Their are plenty enough blogs in the world, agreed. Social media often shows a fake distortion of real life, agreed. The smartphone tends to take over our life and often prohibits us from connecting with the people that are physically there, agreed. The selfiestick is a weird contraption that is too often wielded by the wrong hands and blocking our view during awesome concerts, sunsets etc, agreed. I agree, we live in a world where people cant seem to help but exaggerate, a lot. But what if we stopped exagurating and found a way to "keep it real" :-) By following some really inspiring blogs and remarkable instagram accounts I've discovered a lot of great stuff. On a daily basis I get inspired by people all over the world who are in to the same things as me, who are fascinated by the same travel destinations as me, they make the way I wanna live my life much more achievable. I no longer have to search for months to find the "places to be" abroad, inspiring words, a cute new fashion label, original fun gadgets,... and because I feel that my life has become richer because of these sources of inspiration, I like to think that the worldwide web might have room for 1 extra blog. One where I want to share the things that have caught my attention... I'll share my desire to travel, whatever tickles my fancy abroad and locally, mixed up with the occasional fashion and design post. I hope you like it on this online bubble and I genuinely hope that I can inspire you to enjoy everyday life! 2 is better than one, so that's why throughout the blog, you will notice the presence of one man... my boyfriend. Domien shares my passion for the finer things in life and is surprisingly competent cameraman as well :-) I promise you that besides taking pictures and updating our blog, we still reserve lot of time to enjoy each others company and the wonderful things we come across on daily basis, totally offline and no smartphones allowed. In fact, the only thing we tend to exaggerate in, are kissing sessions in pubic. :-)