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Rome, the movie

Posted Friday 18 September 2015
Our Rome movie ... hope you like t!! Subscribe to our youtube channel HERE :-)

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Our private terrace in the middle of Rome

Posted Tuesday 15 September 2015
Switch your language at the top of the homepage to read the dutch report. English version coming up. Check out everything about the apartment Here
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Quick lunch nearby the Colosseum

Posted Monday 14 September 2015
English version coming soon! Check out the dutch article by changing the language on our homepage!
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Our way to see Rome

Posted Saturday 5 September 2015
City trips are great! That being said, I have to admit I tend to enjoy a city even more the second time around. The first time you're kind of unsure, don't want to miss out on anything and you want to make sure itís a unique experience Ö first times can be stressful,...
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picnic in Rome

Posted Sunday 23 August 2015
Zoe I've always been a fan of picnicking and I probably always will. Depending on the setting it can be a down right unique experience and depending on the company also a very romantic one. A blanket full of tasteful tapas, the open air, a lovely view and clumsy...
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