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Beach Club'n in Seminyak

Posted Saturday 2 July 2016
Why change a winning team .. Potatohead part II Last year our first stop after a groosem 20 hour flight was Seminyak … we didn’t have the legs nor the juice to immediately start discovering, so we spend the whole day lounging at the Potatohead beachclub. It was...
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Tropical Sailor

Posted Thursday 3 March 2016
Its march, we are almost done with al this winter business, so its officially allowed to start counting down to summer. To speed up that process I find it helps to already start planning your holiday (preferably to a tropical destination J) Usually, the dreaming and...
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El Kabron

Posted Tuesday 27 October 2015
Uluwatu was one of our last stops on the Bali trip, but one we remember very fondly. For us it was a perfect mix between the back-to-basics surfers vibe and the chill, luxurious side of the area .... also known as "el kabron" :-). This awesome beach club lies a bit...
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Minkpink, summer in my mind

Posted Monday 12 October 2015
The weather is back up to its normal Belgian tricks: cold with a dash of rain now and again, thank god summer is always in flights reach. Save some money buy a plain ticket and in no time you can be found drinking out of a coconut on a “Bounty beach”. Just the thought...
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Don't skip Lembongan ...

Posted Tuesday 28 July 2015
Even in het Nederlands: Voor wie niet zo scheutig is op varen en al zeeziek wordt op een dobberende luchtmatras zou een boottocht van Bali naar de Gili eilanden een behoorlijke beproeving kunnen zijn. Zelfs bij ogenschijnlijk schitterend weer kan het stuk zee dat je...
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The cutest resort, Tigerlillys

Posted Friday 24 July 2015
Once you step foot on Lembongan, the first thing you should do is head straight over to Tigerlilly’s (unless you have to make a bathroom stop or you are in desperate need of nutrition) When you arrive you will be greeted by the manager of tigerlilly’s, an Australian...
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Gili gave us turtles

Posted Tuesday 14 July 2015
To quickly set the scene: the Gilis islands are 3 small islands surrounded by white-sand beaches and coconut palms, sitting in a turquoise sea. A mere 2 hour boat ride from Bali (pil against seasickness recommanded though) and right next to Lombok. On all 3 islands...

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The high way

Posted Thursday 9 July 2015
The high waist bikini and I… We had an on-off relationships for as long as I can remember. I’ve numerous pictures of the 16 year old me wearing a big bikini, with a pretty huge bottom piece. Looking at those pictures I’m pretty sure anyone with an eye for detail or...
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Sea Circus

Posted Wednesday 8 July 2015
Hi there!! Don’t worry we’re not going send you to some kind of water circus with jumping fish and talking seals ;) (ok … this is really making my imagination wander) Back to the point, if not an actual sea circus, what is this place? According to their website...
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Potato Head

Posted Friday 3 July 2015
Potatohead beach club, People that are looking for the authentic Bali feel, just might want to stay clear of Seminyak ☺ That being said , if you have a good old western weakness (like us) for shops, coffee places, lunch spots … but most importantly beach...
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