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Posted Tuesday 28 October 2014
Hi there, Since Iím not exactly an incredible chef , Iím always excited to see new places popping up in the city that make a daily home cooked meal an effortless thing to accomplish. Itís exactly what HNGRY is all about. They inspire you by displaying 10 different...
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Nonchalant braid

Posted Sunday 26 October 2014
Hi hi! Because many of you have been asking me to post some tutorials, I have recorded this mini video about one of my hairposts on instagramÖ It's a very simple one, hope you like it! x-Z-x

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Happy Shirt

Posted Tuesday 21 October 2014
Hi There, Sharing my outfit of today! if we're all wearing shirts with statements on it, this was mine ;-p x-Z-x Happy shirt: Minimum // Boyfriend jeans: Zara // Black python pumps: Monar // Bracelets: BillyShop
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Days in white satin

Posted Monday 20 October 2014
Say Hello to Cotton Beach Club!! An amazing view, exquisite dishes, cocktails at sunset, a fancy and white interior (incl. rooftop), pleasant live music, a fashion defile during lunch and a sound service... A little summary of what you may expect from this brand...
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Posted Thursday 16 October 2014
Just a few weeks ago a very original grocery store opened itís doors in Antwerp and I would love to advice you to go there. Not only because they sell very honest and lovely products, Robuust is also the first zero waste shop of our city!! Thereís no packaging added to...
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Posted Friday 10 October 2014
Just a quick post. If youíre spending the day in Antwerp city and youíre looking for a nice lunch spot I would like to recommend LKKR. Itís pretty cosy inside, but most of all their home made pizzaís are absolutely delightful and the waldcorn and ciabatta sandwiches...
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Formentera, mini escape

Posted Thursday 2 October 2014
If you visit Ibiza, you might consider taking the boat to Formentera for a day. You can take the boat departing from Ibiza (town), but they also depart from elsewhere. We took a slow boat and discovered there were fast ferries as they were passing us buy on our way...
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